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Being a business owner, you’ve got more important things to attend to than keeping your company’s books of accounts. We take care of your books of accounts so that you may concentrate on the operation and management of your business and generate more profit.

These operations are the firm foundation for the monitoring of accounts in business, in alignment with statutory law. You can adjust you service pack in such a way as to include payroll, tax planning, business plan development or any other of the services provided by us.

In particular, our services…

Records of accounts can be kept with the single-entry or the double-entry method, harmonized with accounting principles and the tax laws in force from time to time. We take delivery of business invoices and other supporting documents on a regular basis and update your books of accounts, maintaining our non-stop communication with the business so that the business person can be briefed without delay on the results arising from the addition of new information.

This service is exclusively addressed to businesses that keep double-entry books of accounts. We check the course of business on a monthly basis and prepare an interim balance sheet; based on its results, the business is briefed on a regular basis on its actual financial position. This way, it can make forecasts and avoid significant mistakes such as excessive borrowing, increased taxation and reduced cash flows.

Each business is obliged to file a series of tax returns and completion and filing procedures tend to be time-consuming and tedious for every businessman. VAT returns, Salaried Service Tax returns, Annual Income Tax Returns are, indicatively, some of the tax returns which KRS undertakes to study, complete and file on your behalf in a timely and valid manner so that no business is faced with unpleasant surprises.

Monthly Financial Reports are an exclusive service developed by KRS for its clients aiming to provide them with easy, simple and substantial information on the course of their business. Through MFRs, each KRS client receives on a monthly basis a full report on the course, progress and obligations/liabilities of his or her enterprise. This way, business persons are provided with an objective picture which helps them make the right decisions, based on true information about their business, thus increasing their profits!

Every business needs urgently to pay particular attention to its financial transactions so that it avoids financial misconduct during ordinary or extraordinary audits, which may result in considerable financial penalties in the event of errors or omissions. In compliance with high security and confidentiality standards, KRS checks your business bank accounts on a monthly basis to provide reconciliation with the respective information declared before the competent agencies.

Each KRS client receives on a monthly basis a letter comprising in detail all current financial obligations they have towards the Greek State. Tax offices, OAEE social insurance fund, IKA social insurance fund and all other agencies involved in the operation of your business make part of a list of financial obligations sent to you by KRS so that you can schedule the payment of liabilities in time while ensuring a better and cost-efficient cash budget.

Without proper filing, the great number of documents that are necessary for the smooth operation of a business can lead to a chaotic situation. KRS has ensured that all your important documents are safe and orderly and can be made available to you any time. By applying an innovative digital filing system, we can send you any business document by email or fax easily and speedily whenever the need arises!

By granting a simple authorization to KRS, you are ridden of stress and waste of time, ensuring the successful outcome of your case. We undertake to fully represent you before all state agencies/bodies so that you are not involved in any way. At the same time, we remain at your disposal for any information so that you can fully understand how to interpret and make use of the financial information provided by us, utilizing them to the maximum extent possible!

One of the most demanding aspects for the proper, efficient and lawful operation of a business is Payroll. KRS undertakes to provide your business with integrated payroll support services, keeping fully updated files as required. The well-trained personnel of KRS Labor Law department sees that all payroll operations in your company are fully aligned with labor law, thus protecting you from any omissions that could result in huge penalties.

We analyze, calculate and offer you detailed statements concerning all payroll aspects of your business. Labor costs, personnel pay slips, latent costs are some of the important payroll aspects, which, based on the proper and consistently updated information by KRS, can become valuable cash-and-benefit saving tools which you might not know they existed up until yesterday!

We undertake to prepare, update, file and keep in our archives all necessary payroll-related statements. Detailed Periodic Statements, Salaried Service Taxes, Recruitments, Redundancies, Personnel Tables, Working Hour Modifications are some of the major areas in which KRS can offer its services. We serve these areas with the utmost professionalism and consistency so that all the information you need is updated, orderly and, most of all, timely!

Have you ever wondered if your employees are productive and consistent and if this has an impact on your business profits? If you have, then you know the answer to this question. You know nothing of the productivity and efficiency of your personnel. A new service provided by KRS is going to meet this need quite soon. We will engage into studies, assessments and presentations of valid information as to how and to what extent there is an interaction between your staff and the profits, objectives and growth of your business. What will you need to change and how can you adjust your personnel’s operation in order to meet your business needs? Soon, at your disposal!

Knowledge is power and at KRS we want to share it with you. By means of the modern financial services provided by us for every business, you can rest assured that you do not walk blindly. Through targeted studies and reports that are customized to meet your business needs and demands, we are able to provide you with information that will offer you safety and stability in every minor or major step you wish to take.

At the core of a business lies its cash fund. In order to keep the core alive, you need to be able to manage it properly. For this reason, before you get to a point where excessive borrowing will have a negative impact on your business activity, put your trust to KRS as far as your cash flow management is concerned. We have the know-how and the way to help your business irrespective of its size. Make a free-of-charge appointment with us to discuss this today!

With Financial Statement analysis, we give you the opportunity to have in-depth knowledge of the financial information of your business as well as information on third companies whose financial position may be of immediate interest to you. From keeping an eye to the results of your competition to your intention of buying out a company, we are able to provide you with the valuable information you wish to have, always in a transparent and lawful manner.

KRS prepares budget studies, giving you options as to how often you need budgets prepared or how often you need reports on their results. You choose the frequency rate (monthly, quarterly, per nine months or annually) and we provide you with valid results!

We undertake the formation of new enterprises of any form whatsoever (Sole Proprietorship, OE, EE, IKE, EPE, AE, J/V, Offshores) in Greece and abroad. We research, study, analyze and suggest the type of enterprise that is best suited to your needs, proceeding quickly and properly with all necessary actions so that you can start your new business activity without let or hindrance.

Almost always, the difficulties a business person runs into when wishing to cease their business activities are more than those encountered when starting it. KRS undertakes the cessation of any type of business with the best possible result for you so that you do not have to deal later with mistakes or omissions arising from tasks that were not completed the way they were supposed to.

One of the innovative services you can be provided with by KRS is internal auditing. This comprises a series of specialized tasks aiming to identify and eliminate issues that cause difficulties or place obstacles in the course of business and, sadly, are not identifiable at first glance. Discover the actual capabilities and intentions of your partners, safeguard your interests and protect what you have created by means of this excellent service which may uncover ‘internal’ competition issues aside from external competition.

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