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KRS Business Consultants seek ways in which to improve profitability, stock value, efficiency and competitiveness for the client’s business. We identify issues and suggest solutions at both a strategic and a business level, depending on circumstances. The areas supported by KRS business consultants are, without being limited to, the following:

In particular, our services…

We help you finance your business and undertake to complete the entire loan process, strictly and exclusively for business purposes. We present you with all possible options, prepare your dossier and are by your side from start to finish, providing you with expert consulting services, provided that we have clear and valid information on whether this is truly in your interest, financially, always focusing on your protection and safety.

KRS monitors closely the entire range of NSRF Plans in order to identify immediately the financing plan that is best suited to your company’s financing needs. With our high-level information, we are briefed on a timely basis on new and forthcoming plan notices so that we can be prepared and ready to claim them. KRS undertakes the full preparation and submission of your dossier for your enterprise’s inclusion to a NSRF financing plan.

We make plans and are right by your side during implementation – these are business plans that can really give you the competitive advantage needed at the start or for the progress of a new or old business. Without relying on ready-made forms and standards which repeat themselves indicating lack of inspiration, creativity and professionalism, KRS hammers out and suggests customized business plans that are applicable exactly because they have been designed to fit your own needs and capacities. All the above services are addressed to large and small enterprises for which KRS has developed a separate Business Plan sub-division.

Each business is special. This is why it needs those special tools that will help it become better and more efficient. KRS not only adopts and adapts to circumstances in Greece a series of reliable, certified and proven efficient financial tools but also develops its very own. We develop modern financial tools that take into account all the necessary aspects which help identify issues, manage, improve and develop a business, with the aim of improving its financial results – your results!

KRS calls these services “Personalized Consulting Services”. In business jargon, this translates as “I have got my own consultant by my side!” Contemporary challenges that today’s business persons are faced with have nothing to do with those of the past. Current challenges are clearly more numerous, more demanding and, most importantly, not common for all! Offering common, same solutions to many of the problems affecting businesses can only cause more problems. KRS provides you with the Personalized Consulting Services you have always wanted, making suggestions, giving solutions and ways out to all business-related issues, addressed solely and exclusively to you!

In the entrepreneurship war, each business person needs to have at their disposal all knowledge and information reserves that will allow them to “defend”, “attack”, safeguard and protect their own and their enterprise’s rights. In a personalized, targeted manner, always oriented to serving your interests, KRS Strategic Planning services are addressed to every business person that needs their own, daily ally to realize their vision.

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