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How we can help

With proper tax support and planning and with the real-time, effective consulting services provided by KRS, you can feel confident and protected against known or unknown challenges which you are faced with, on a daily basis, as a business person and an individual.
Our clients prefer us because we combine a strong understanding of the business and financial environment with specialized tax knowledge in hundreds of national and local jurisdictions around the world.
As tax codes become ever more complex and tax planning becomes more ambiguous, we help companies:

  • identify and reduce tax risks;
  • understand and respect compliance obligations;
  • apply tax strategies supplementing their business and operating objectives;
  • solve their disputes with tax authorities when these arise; and
  • handle tax and reporting issues and design the best tax operations in class.

In particular, our services…

Do you have questions, queries or concerns about a tax issue? The experienced personnel at KRS is always ready to respond directly, offering you the indicated options and solutions. From the simplest to the most complex tax issues, KRS has the experience, knowledge and disposition to dedicate as much time as necessary to you and your case and reply to you in writing.
We develop from scratch and adapt according to circumstances a safe, reliable and efficient tax plan for your business, not only in Greece but in any country in the world. We study your needs in depth and suggest the ideal tax planning that will rid you of unpleasant surprises while offering stability and safety.
We analyze your tax liabilities with our only aim being to let you know exactly what needs to be paid and when. A simple and easy to understand report is sent to your email on specific dates so that you know clearly and concisely what the time limits are for complying with a tax obligation. The planning of liability payments has never been that easy!
Forecasting the future is a gift, shaping it is a skill. At KRS, we have both the gift and the professional skills to analyze and calculate accurately the tax liabilities you will need to pay in the near future. This way, you have all the time necessary to manage your finances and get properly prepared in order to be able to cope, without last minute stress or subsequent additional surcharges imposed on your tax liabilities.

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